NFTs 101 - Introduction

The most comprehensive beginner guide to start your NFT journey

Hi there, welcome to NFTs 101 by Kyzzen and congratulations on taking your first step into the world of NFTs!

The NFT space is new and exciting, it is rapidly evolving with many new applications being innovated everyday. It is so big, it pretty much exists in its own universe.

And there is so much to learn about.

The applications are vast, such as art, gaming, music, DAOs and events, and more are appearing everyday.

The utilities are broad and complex, like staking, lending, raffles, and fractionalization.

There are many useful tools that can help you in your NFT journey, whether its data, analytics, bots or trading tools.

Its important to stay updated on upcoming launches, latest NFT news, and important NFT events.

There are scams and rugs happening everyday, which can be incredibly stressful to think about and its crucial to learn how to stay safe at all times.

Information in the space is so fragmented, while the learning curve is steep for newcomers and its challenging to keep up.

That is why we wrote this guide, to help newcomers explore the space, learn about the useful applications of NFT technology, how to trade safely, and protect their NFTs and assets throughout their journey.

Welcome to NFTs 101.

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