Selecting which NFT to Buy

There are four main considerations that NFT traders typically have when looking to buy into an NFT collection:

  1. Cheapest - willing to buy any at floor price (or perhaps make a collection offer below floor price)

  2. Specific Traits - looking to buy NFTs in the collection that hold a specific trait, e.g. "Skeleton Skin" in "Solana Monkey Business", "Degen Service Shirt" in "Degenerate Ape Academy", etc. These traits could be more sought after in the collections because of how they look, inclusion into a sub-DAO, or qualify for specific/additional perks.

  3. Rarity - looking for a minimum rarity rank (e.g. top 10% or 25% in the collection). Generally, the better the rarity rank of an NFT, the higher it could potentially be valued by buyers (for those that care about rarity at least). There are three main rarity ranking platforms in the Solana NFT space (MoonRank, HowRare, SolRarity) and there are tools (e.g. SolanaFloor, HowRare) that allow traders to find the distribution of "Price vs Rarity" to hunt for the "best" deals in an NFT collection in terms of rarity rank.

  4. Others - sometimes, there are additional perks for holding a certain number or types of traits NFTs within a collection.

It is always important for traders to properly DYOR in an NFT collection to know what they should be looking for in their purchase.

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