This is often the main draw of a collection, and usually the most difficult aspect to evaluate. Besides the scope of the roadmap (how broad it is in terms of the various roadmap items included as well as the duration of the planned development), we should also always consider if that item makes sense for the project and/or if the team is able to accomplish its stated objectives (both in terms of team capability and resources, as well as funding). It is easy to be attracted whenever projects include hyped themes into their roadmap (e.g. building their own metaverse), and generally the bigger the ambition the more evaluation is required.

Typical roadmap items we see these days:

  • Metaverses/P2E Gaming

  • Services (e.g. launchpads, marketplaces, analytics, etc.)

  • Staking/Tokens/Rev-Share

  • NFT Airdrops/Future Generations/Breeding

  • Exclusive Access/Memberships/Alpha groups

  • Lore/Content Creation (e.g. comics, music, etc.)

  • Merchandise

  • Other Niches

If a team is building a metaverse/game, how big is the team and how much relevant experience do they have? If the collection is launching its own tokens and will allow staking, what will be the utility (and hence the demand) for the tokens?

Never hesitate to ask the team questions on Discord and find out more information that could help significantly in your evaluation. Even if you do not get answers, the way team members respond can tell you a lot about a project.

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