Giveaways are the main tool that creators use to promote their projects and/or collections, and they are usually held on Twitter or Discord.

The creator of a giveaway typically offers NFTs or whitelist allocations as the prize, with a list of required tasks to be fulfilled for users to qualify.

Giveaways typically last for 24-72 hours, and required tasks can include the following:

  • Follow the social media account

  • Like the post

  • Retweet the post

  • Tag a few friends in the post

  • Drop a comment on the post

Users may be required to share their wallet address in the comments to receive the prize if they win, or the creator may message them directly after the winners have been chosen.

Users need to be extremely careful when participating in giveaways, as it can be used by scammers as a tool. It would be wise to avoid participating in any giveaway that has extraordinary requests, such as clicking on external links, connecting your wallet to a website, sharing your wallet's seed phrase, etc.

Kyzzen has built a free Twitter Giveaways tool to help users to find and participate in giveaways on our platform, but do note the disclaimer below which serves as the terms of use of this tool.

Disclaimer: This tool automatically scrapes for potential NFT giveaways on Twitter using loose parameters, and users are advised to be extremely careful when considering whether to participate in any of them. In particular, users should be extra careful when there are external links in the tweets or if there are extraordinary instructions, such as “connect wallet”, “download something”, or complete some extraordinary tasks. Kyzzen does not verify or fact-check any of these tweets, and does not endorse or curate any of these projects . Kyzzen will not be responsible for any losses that may directly or indirectly result from the use of this free tool.

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