The first aspect of an NFT project that we generally look at is usually the artwork, as this is the first thing that is usually in front of us or readily available. As we all know, art is extremely subjective, but some questions that you can ask yourself are:

  • Does the art look like it was created by a professional artist?

  • Does it look low-effort or low quality?

  • Does it resonate with you?

The importance of these questions can differ from person to person, not just whether the person has a strong opinion about art but also if they care much about artwork in an NFT project.

Another factor to consider regarding artwork is whether it looks like a derivative of another project or art collection, or potentially even a copy mint (a direct copy of another artist’s artwork, minted into a new NFT). To help determine this, you can run a simple image search with a few of the NFTs in the collection on Google and/or other free tools online. One thing we have noted is that these searches may not include results from OpenSea and other NFT marketplaces, hence this risk will always be prevalent but can at least it can be reduced. An additional step you may take is to check out the project’s Twitter and Discord to see if there have been any claims of copying or similar projects.

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