Overall Framework

Here we share a potential general framework that we can use for evaluating NFT projects, which is a neat summary of the aforementioned points.

Typically, projects that score higher across the board tend to generally be higher quality than those that don’t, but there is certainly no one-size-fits-all approach to evaluating all NFT projects the same way.

For instance, a project that focuses mostly on high quality, original artwork may rank poorly on utility/roadmap, but if the artist is widely known for their great, original art, and there is a solid marketing strategy and active community development, it can still be considered investment-worthy. Similarly, a project that focuses on pure utility with revenue-sharing/staking/tokens could perhaps get away with lower quality art but has a strong team capable of building great utility. It usually depends on what the key value propositions of the project being evaluated are.

That being said, projects that are positioned to be much larger-scale in nature than the average NFT project (e.g. metaverses) should be expected to score better across all categories (i.e. Team, Artwork, Utility/Roadmap, Marketing Strategy, Community Development).

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